Friday, April 25, 2008

Exciting Developments

2007 was a strong year for LA-Tees, sales boomed (thank you to our fans and supporters!), two new divisions were successfully launched, namely Lousy T-shirt (a college student oriented store) and Turn Left (political and environmental store.) Both those new additions have received much praise and many sales, too, giving us confidence for the future of our company and its growth.

Exciting developments are underway, once again. We are to launch yet another line, registered under the domain, whose appeal will be myriad Pop Culture niche subdivisions ranging from hip-hop music to blockbuster movie parody, and is intended as becoming the umbrella company for all our apparel lines and shops.

We are currently investigating and researching the best company to partner with in our plans for expansion. Since our initial launch, some 28 months ago, our commitment has been with the POD corporation CafePress - who process, print, ship our orders - and although we have a couple of smaller, test shops with other POD's, uncertainty abounds as to which company we want as our future partner. Or, perhaps we might break loose and go alone, setting up as a completely independent entity. As to date, we are looking at all the possibilities, pros and cons, while assuring you, our valued and appreciated customers, friends, and fans, that LA-Tees will continue to bring you the products you desire the most, and will continue to strive boldly under our mantra "Produced by Excellence".

Nigel Hamilton-Allan

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Love the work, amazing shops, amazing designs.