Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Destiny's curious dance dictates a stint in the pokey can damage not a celebrity's popularity in today's perverse pop culture. Oftentimes rendering the cell-celebrity a higher throne in show biz celestial stakes. Martha Stewart, as example. Paris Hilton? Why not?

Jail gives instant street cred. Sentencing removes the Coco Chanel gossamer veil that separates superstardom from Jane and Joe Average. Suddenly, reality can be as harsh an awakening for the super rich, as it has been for all us lesser earning mortals for aeons gone and aeons to come. It is always heartening to realize justice cannot always be bought, albeit a somewhat softer justice in favor of the celebrated and monied. In Jane and Joe Average's mocassins, Martha and Paris would surely have faced a swifter, sterner blow from their judges' gavels. But, that's a whole different story for some other blog.

Essentially, should her appeal against sentence fail, as it probably shall , Paris will emerge from her vacation at the Sheriff Hotel Desitination to a blizzard of high-paid job offers, reality television contracts, book deals, and an avalanche of freebie publicity. Business as usual, only more hectic, more profitable, and even more unwarranted.

Nigel Hamilton-Allan /

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